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Oops. Until now, we’ve been breaking the rules. Apparently, shipping beer from our establishment in Illinois directly to a consumer is not allowed in any state, according to FedEx’s Tariff rules this month. (They seem to move the goalposts every time I look. It may be different next time I dive in to figure it out, but for now, this is what they want.)

But, there’s an interesting loophole. We CAN ship to any state as long as the destination has a liquor license.

What does that mean for you? It means that if you’re serious about getting a crack at our prepacked boxes of beer, you’re going to need to strike up a relationship with someone in your area that has a liquor license. Whether that’s a restaurant that serves liquor, or your local beer shop, or your favorite watering hole, we’ll need a place for your delivery to arrive that has a license to sell alcohol and that is open during ‘normal’ business hours (those hours during which FedEx is likely to deliver).

I fully understand that that’s a GIANT hurdle to overcome for some of you. But as I see it, it’s got three major things going for it. #1, we won’t have to deal with ‘Delivery Exceptions’ anymore / fewer broken boxes. One of the most frustrating things to see is a delicate box of delicious beers making its way across this great country of ours, getting sorted onto delivery trucks, then on the streets and to your door, only to go back onto the truck because you weren’t home to sign for it. <palm to forehead> Drives me nuts. Minimizing the amount of time that a delivery guy handles your beer is paramount. 90% of all damaged shipments that we get back happen after an initial delivery attempt has been made. Having the box go directly to a business virtually eliminates this problem. #2, delivering to a business is cheaper. Home delivery adds between $3-6 to every box, depending on where you live. I love saving you money. #3, delivering to a liquor-license-holding entity is legal in all 50 states. That’s huge. Hello Pennsylvania.

If you’d like your local spot to be part of our network, email me the name of the establishment and I’ll try to convince them of the wisdom of helping out a good customer like you. Once they’re on board, we’ll add them to our list of approved locations.


We put together boxes of prearranged beers that we’ve chosen (based on availability and freshness, among other factors), we put a price on that box, then post it in the Shipping Marketplace.  You can decide whether the boxes we have available are right for you. We would absolutely LOVE to take orders with a shopping cart and have the site figure out shipping and gather all the necessary info from you to complete an order, but right now we’re just too small to do that.   We can’t take custom orders at this time (read: don’t email me and ask for Three Floyds.  Sorry.) (Click here to order Three Floyds.)


Our preferred method of payment is Square Cash. We’ve been waiting years for
something like Square Cash to come around and make payment processing easier. We always knew something would get developed that takes the pain out of processing, but just needed the technology to catch up.  Here’s what’ll happen:
  1. 1) You pick your box from our online form, fill out the shipping info, (no credit card info yet) press send.

  2. 2) We get the info, plug it into FedEx’s magic machine and get their shipping cost, add it to your box’s price, then contact you with the grand total. (This could take anywhere from 2-3 days or longer, depending on demand)

  3. 3)If you decide to cancel, please get back to me and cancel. Don’t be a deadbeat.

  4. 4)Once the final price is agreed upon, I’ll email you a simple note with ‘Request for $xx’ in the subject line, and CC: Square at the same time. Square will immediately contact you with a simple form where you’ll enter your debit card info. Magically, money goes from you to us. Boom.

If you’re unable to use a debit card, we’ll still take Visa, MasterCard and Discover cards by contacting you via telegraph.  Or telephone.


Of course you do.  Send them my way & I’ll see if I can help clarify.

On to the Shipping Marketplace!Shipping_Marketplace.html