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First and foremost, we’re a beer shop. From the stacks of Miller Lite to the ultra rare release from tiny local breweries, we understand what makes a beer drinker tick. No pretense here: if you’re looking for an ice cold Old Style… “Hell yes!” we say. Funky sour from the Pacific Northwest? Pucker up, buttercup. Three-day-old IPA from your favorite local brewery? Now we’re talking. No beer is too small, too big, or too outlandish for consideration. Now, we can’t carry everything that’s available, but we do our best to make sure that what we DO carry is the best stuff we can get. One-and-done joke beers with a kooky label can go sit on the shelves at the supermarket.

Whether you’re a blended Canadian whiskey drinker, a Highlands single malt Scotch man, or a die hard bourbon drinker, we’re your place for distilled spirits of all kinds.

It’s 2017, and bourbons are HOT right now. We’ve made some special pages listing all our bourbons and scotches in stock

Having a party? We’ve got your cups, ice, coolers, and other party supplies on hand. Maybe you’re having a big blowout bash and need a keg or resupplying your home kegerator. Either way, we can get pretty much any beer you’d like. Just give us a call and a few days later, we’ll have it waiting for you.

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